Sunday, July 29, 2012

bloop - unnamed blue foil

Hey guys!

This is my second gift from the trip to Malaysia, a blue foil by bloop. Unfortunately, there is no indication as to what it's called on the bottle. Maybe it doesn't even have a name :( Anyway, let's get into it!

All pictures taken next to the window with direct light, overcast but bright sky outside. The weather is really crazy lately, especially yesterday and today it can't decide between rain and storm and sun. Anyway, this is two coats layered over yummy. It gave an interesting effect with only one coat, but of course I wanted to see if I could get the blue to be opaque. It had nice coverage after the second coat.
Dry time wasn't too great, even with fast drying top coat I could still dent it quite a while later and even peel it off. Maybe that wouldn't be the case if you use it on its own.
Something that I noticed right away is that this thing stinks of chemicals. To me, it smells very similar to S├Ęche Vite. So I am guessing this polish is not 3-free, though I can't say which of the big 3 is in it as there is no indication on the ingredients anywhere.

Bottom line: I like the color, but the smell really puts me off. I'm glad yummy didn't smell bad at all, it was no different from the other polishes I have.

See you again soon!

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