Thursday, May 17, 2012

China Glaze - First Class Ticket

Hey guys!

I cured two of my long-time lemmings this week and I'm wearing one of them right now, so I thought I'd show you, although you've probably seen this one about a million times already :)

China Glaze First Class Ticket label

China Glaze "First Class Ticket"

China Glaze First Class Ticket  with label 2 China Glaze First Class Ticket  with label 1 China Glaze First Class Ticket  1 China Glaze First Class Ticket  2 China Glaze First Class Ticket  3

I used two coats for perfect coverage. With more experience and/or dexterity, you could probably make it look perfect with one. I put top coat on because, although it had a nice shine on it's own, top coat just made it pop that little bit more, especially all the wonderful shimmer.

In case you were wondering what my other long-time lemming is, it's OPI "Russian Navy". Can you tell I friggin' love purple? Though both of these could probably be considered either blue or purple, or blurple :)

These picture were taken with my "proper" camera, so the quality is obviously MUCH better than usual. Usually I take my pictures with my phone camera (which you could probably tell); the quality is okay-ish, depending on how much light there is around and which light and it's impossible to take close-ups with it because it can't focus on things that are too close. The problem with my "real" camera is that the colors aren't really displayed accurately. It's less bad than I thought when looking at the pictures on the computer, but yeah.
Also, the pictures I get with the proper camera are HUMONGOUSLY HUGE. I had to resize them two times and crop them to get Photobucket to upload them. I tried to find another site to host my pictures and mini videos, but I wasn't successful...

Anyway, I'll try to take my pictures with the good camera from now on because I know you guys would probably be happier with better quality pictures. I will also be happier :P I'll also try to post more often and more consistently.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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