Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OPI "Touring America" limited edition - Road House Blues + crackling experiment

Hi guys!

Today I'm showing you OPI's Road House Blues from the Touring America collection.

OPI Road House Blues
Like this, it looks almost black, but it's not at all black. It's a very very dark blue, that also has hints of purple in it. Since I absolutely ADORE purple/violet and blue, this might just be the perfect color for me.
Here it is under direct lamp light to show the color better.

OPI Road House Blues with Essie

Still not very well visible. So here comes a - gasp - natural light picture!

OPI Road House Blues natural light

Now some facts on application and the like. This, guys, is perfection. It applied really well and if I was more dextrous and experienced, this would have been a perfect one-coater. I had to use two thin coats on some nails since I didn't get the shape right or didn't have enough polish on the brush to cover my whole nail, so yeah. On the smaller nails, like my pinky, one coat actually was sufficient, though! I topped it off with essie Good to go, which worked fine.

Since I use my manis to experiment when I know I'm going to remove them that day, I put a layer of black crackle/shatter (P2 black explosion) over my gorgeous blue.

OPI Road House Blues with P2 crackling top coat black

Not too great. I think the problem is that both colors are so dark, so you can't really make out the base color anymore between the shatters. That became even more obvious after I had used a glossy top coat to see what that would look like.

Now I have a - maybe slightly weird - question. I recently bought a bottle of Sèche Vite as everybody seems to use it (not REALLY everybody, but you get the idea) and it's supposed to be THE go-to top coat. So I got my bottle a while ago and while reading the label, I actually went into some sort of shock for a moment. All the "bad" chemicals like toluene are in it. The warning really put me off it... "birth defects and other reproductive harm" doesn't sound appealing at all. So do your Sèche Vites have that warning too or did I get a super old one? Am I overreacting? I know the amounts of those "bad" chemicals contained in nail polish are so tiny that there is little possibility of them actually doing any real harm, but still. I was just wondering... also because that stuff smells super horrible.

So that's it for today! For once you've been spared from my walls of text :)

Hope to read you all again soon!


  1. What a beautiful colour!

  2. I never noticed a warning on my Seche Vite (I have the UV curing version), but then again I never really looked. Silly you live in CA? CA requires a lot of products to have cancer and birth defect warnings on them when other states do not.

    1. The warning on mine was on the little carton it came in. On the bottle itself, there's nothing mentioned at all.

      And no, I don't live in CA. Actually, I don't live in the U.S. at all, haha!

      Thanks for your help :)

  3. Road House Blues is so pretty. I totally ignored it when it came out maybe I need to give it a go.

    And my bottle has that warning on it (and it's not to my knowledge an old bottle). It's not my favourite brand but if I need something dry quickly through and through it's my go to. We should be ok if we're not huffing or drinking it :P

    1. Let me know if you try it! :)

      Yeah, I thought so, too, I just wanted to get some input as I was a little worried. Thank you!

  4. Love this colour! They look so lovely and shiny too!

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