Sunday, March 18, 2012

Misslyn - soft pistachio + new bracelet and necklace + Yves Rocher shower gels and body lotions

Hello guys!

How are you doing these days? We're finally getting some sun here, can you believe it? It makes me feel so much better. Also, I got 6 more followers this week, thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy. Now on to some polish :)

Today we're checking out Misslyn's "soft pistachio", a very pretty light green that really DOES remind me of pistachios. It also has tons of gold shimmer in it and shifts a little between green and gold. I wore it yesterday and today up until a few minutes ago.

Misslyn 564 shade 1 Misslyn 564 shade 2


Misslyn 564 indirect sunlight 1 Misslyn 564 indirect sunlight 2 Misslyn 564 indirect sunlight 3

indirect sunlight

Misslyn 564 sunlight 1 Misslyn 564 sunlight 2

direct sunlight

Application was easy, I'm showing you two coats with top coat (Essie good to go). I'm beginning to suspect that the essie top coat makes my polish shrink a little, but I don't really know.

Funny enough, I felt like I should wear green for St. Patrick's Day, although most people here probably don't even know what St. Patrick's Day is or that it even exists. I don't really know why it's celebrated, either, but well. So I wore quite a bit of green yesterday... light green t-shirt, my new bracelet and necklace (which I'll show you next!) and the pretty polish I just presented. I felt like dressing a little more girly than usual, haha. Now here's my two new pieces of jewelry.

teal and beige bracelet 1 teal and beige bracelet 2 teal and gold necklace

I loooove the colors! The bracelet is lovely, but I noticed that you start sweating quite a bit under the big round pieces if it's a warm day :/ I just hope it won't turn green (or make my skin green, for that matter).

In other news, I received a fairly big package from Yves Rocher on Friday. They have an online only offer for 15% off all products in their "Les Plaisirs Nature"-line at the moment, and I went a little crazy on that...

Yves Rocher body lotions and shower gels full size

2 body lotions (Malaysian coconut and yellow peach) and 2 shower gels (yellow peach), full size (400 ml/13.5 fl. oz.)

Here are some mini size body lotions (50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.):

Yves Rocher body lotions non-fruit

olive oil from Provence, organic vanilla, organic oats, Malaysian coconut

Yves Rocher body lotions fruit

yellow peach, wild blackberry, Italian mandarin

And the mini size shower gels (same amount of product):

Yves Rocher shower gels non-fruit

organic oats, Malaysian coconut, organic vanilla, olive oil from Provence

Yves Rocher shower gels fruit

organic raspberry, Italian Mandarin, wild blackberry, yellow peach, strawberry "Mara des Bois"

Can you tell I love peaches?

So, on the smell of these... The non-fruit scents all smell nice, but the fruity scents, apart from the peach one, smell horribly artificial to me. For example, wild blackberry smells like fizzy candy powder; that goes for both the shower gel and the body lotion. I thought maybe it smells better applied, so I used some of the body lotion as hand cream, but it still smelled disgusting (to me - if you like that type of scent, this might just be for you). To shorten this...

shower gels
oats - doesn't smell like oats, though admittedly I don't know what those would smell like, but it's not a bad scent
vanilla - actually smells like vanilla, but with a "generic vanilla scent" touch to it, not bad though
coconut - love it, smells good and actually like coconut
olive oil - doesn't smell like olives at all, more like herbs, but not bad
raspberry - smells a bit like raspberry bubblegum, quite artificial, not my thing
mandarin - smells like a VERY sour mandarin, too zingy for me, but at least not artificial
blackberry - fizzy candy powder smell ahoy, I would never use this, I don't even know how to describe the smell behind the fizziness
peach - love it, smells like peach (fresh, not tinned), yum
strawberry - artifical and extremely sweet, also a bit "bubblegummy", can't decide if I think it's okay or not

body lotions
oats - exactly the same smell as on the shower gel
vanilla - smells less of vanilla than the shower gel, kind of a weird note to it
coconut - a little less "coconutty" than the shower gel, but still yummy
olive oil - also less strong smell than on the shower gel, but nice exactly because of that (for me)
mandarin - not as zingy as the shower gel and thus easier on my nose
blackberry - fizzy candy powder, take two
peach - yummety yum, as above :3

Raspberry and strawberry aren't available as body lotions (yet?). I'm quite disappointed in the fruity scents, I thought they'd be more true to the actual fruit's scent, like the peach one. Too bad :( I don't think I'll use any of the ones I don't like. Any takers? Haha...

So that's it for today. I went back to my huge walls of text, haha! Sorry :P Read y'all soon!


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