Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catrice - Snow Motion! and essence - blair + My First Adventures in Dotting Land

Hello there!

Yet another post from me, indeed! I just have to share this manicure because I think it turned out great. I was out with two of my girls (colleagues from work). That thing I'm holding is the necklace I wore.
Catrice Cosmetics Snow Motion! and essence blair  3

First, three coats of Catrice Cosmetics' Snow Motion! (now officially discontinued, by the way).
Catrice Cosmetics Snow Motion! 1 Catrice Cosmetics Snow Motion!  2

To make this more interesting, I added essence's blair. I patted it on rather than making strokes, since the hex glitter will never spread evenly otherwise.
Catrice Cosmetics Snow Motion! and essence blair 1 Catrice Cosmetics Snow Motion! and essence blair  2

What do you think? My friends actually asked if I did my nails myself! I was surprised to be honest, it doesn't look professional to me or anything, just pretty. ^^ I thought about adding the glitter to all nails, but that would've felt too "disco" to me, so I left it at painting my ring finger as accent nail.
Removing blair was kind of a pain, especially the chunky hexagon-shaped glitter. I suppose that's no surprise, though.

Also, here are my first adventures in dotting land! Haha... Not that great. I think I "overdotted", so it looks too crammed in and just kind of weird.
dotting fail
thumb: ordinary color polishes from P2
pointer finger: essence glitters
middle finger: Catrice glitters (finer glitter than in the essence polishes)

On another note, I need more swatch wheels! My first three are full...
swatch wheels 1 - 3

I so need to label these, but I don't have a CD marker... And I'm afraid everything else might rub off with time. What's more, I don't want to just write numbers on it, but I need a pen with a fine tip to write the actual names. I think I'll just try with a permanent marker and see how it turns out...

Hope to read you all again soon!

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