Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catrice - Run Forest Run! + brush annoyance + dry lips and hand rescue

Hi guys!

Today I'm showing you a nice green polish. Catrice Cosmetics Run Forest Run!.

Catrice Run Forest Run! shot 1 Catrice Run Forest Run! shot 2

And because I for once came home early enough to take pictures in natural "light" (I'll explain the quotation marks later)...

Catrice Run Forest Run! natural light 1 Catrice Run Forest Run! natural light  2

Sorry for the blurriness of the second picture. I tried my best to keep my hand from trembling, but it didn't work too well, and that's the best it would get.

Run Forest Run! is a nice shade of green, neither very dark nor very light. It was easy to apply and perfect after two coats. I added my MNY nail care My Top Coat drying effect, and finally got my first ever mani without any sheet marks, finger prints or whatever else that ruins your look! I'm so happy, lol. I think I need to get a second bottle of the MNY top coat, it's the first quick drying top coat that actually works for me.
Also, never mind my short pointer finger nail... I had to cut it. It was getting dangerously thin and curved upwards because my nails like to shed their topmost layer a lot. I had to cut both index finger and thumb nails because of that stupid problem... Maybe I really am lacking vitamins/minerals? But all my female family members also have ridiculously weak nails, so I suppose it's also a bit of a genetic thing... Blablabla am I boring you yet? :)

Now something that I find annoying about Catrice polishes is this:

Catrice brush annoyance

Sometimes, the brush isn't as well fixed inside the cap as it should be, so it sticks to the teensy amount of polish that collects and dries at the rim of the bottle. Not a big problem, but annoying.

And here's the reason for the quotation marks above:

white landscape, white sky

That's what the sky looks like all the time these days. White to grey-ish. We had like 2 days of sun so far this month. What's more, it still gets dark fairly early. I love winter, but the constant darkness and bleakness make me go insane. At this point, I really yearn for spring.

On a related note, these little helpers arrived yesterday:

Avène Cold Cream stick lèvres Eucerin Lip Aktiv
two lip balms; one by Avène and one by Eucerin

These are specially for dry lips. The Avène one is even specially formulated for lips that suffer damage from the cold. AND BOY MINE ARE A MESS DURING WINTER. As are my hands, by the way, so I decided to try the hand cream as well:

Avène Cold Cream Crème mains

And a little sample that the pharmacy sent:

Avène sun protection sample

Avène Très haute protection Réflexe Solaire SPF 50+

I have to tell you that this reminds me of my mom forcing sun blocker with SPF 50 on me "because of my unbelievably pale skin". I'm not THAT pale, mom. SPF is exponential. So if I can stay in the sun for 5 minutes without getting a sunburn (ridiculously short time ahoy!), this cream will multiply the time by 50 = 250 minutes. Why would I want to stay in the sun for over 4 hours...?

Anyway. I think I might use this sample. We'll see if I remember it in about 4 months when summer is finally here, haha!

Alright, I think I babbled enough for today. If anyone is still reading this... Have a great weekend :)

Hope to read you all again soon!

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