Saturday, July 30, 2016

ILNP - Kings & Queens (Wir lackieren...)

Hey everyone,

30 Seconds to Mars, anyone?

I used two coats here and added top coat. You might end up needing three. In any case, it's bright and fun and somehow I think it fits the song.

ILNP - Ski Lodge (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

We're on the home stretch now, and we're gonna finish off with a bang (not literally, but you'll see what I mean) tomorrow. Before that, though, I have two more pretties to show you today.

You see it at four coats and top coat here. I wore it at three, but wasn't quite convinced by the coverage, so I added one more coat.

Friday, July 29, 2016

ILNP - Maiden Lane (Wir lackieren...)

Hello everyone,

This one surprised me when I swatched it, and positively at that!

Another three-coater with top coat here, but so ding-dang worth it. Look at that color! The slight blue tint makes this all the more interesting to me - I might have to wear it again soon.