Monday, May 30, 2016

nail art with fantasy flower water decals [PR sample]

Hey everyone,

I was contacted a while ago by Born Pretty Store and asked if I would like to review some of their new products, of which I chose five: three stamping plates and two sheets of water decals. One of these sheets of water decals will be the subject of this blogpost, the other products will each get their separate post/review.

I didn't receive any sort of compensation to talk about these five products, however the products themselves were provided to me for free. None of the links included in this post are affiliate links. If you have any questions pertaining to the topic of transparency and PR on my blog I would be happy to answer them, just leave a comment or contact me via email (see the "Impressum" tab on the blog, you can find the address there).

Fantasy Colorful Flower Print Water Decals
I love the colors of this, which is why I chose it over a few other articles I had been checking out.

I applied OPI "Be There in a Prosecco" as a base, since I wasn't sure how to make the decal fit my nail shape perfectly without really wasting a lot of the beautiful motif. The blue dots are done with piCture pOlish "freya's cats". I realize this is far from perfect, however I'm still pleased with it, since I hadn't experimented with full nail decals before.
Let me know your thoughts!

I cut out the designs, fumbled a bit with the covering foil (which was my fault as it had been said that you should remove the foil first, then cut out your desired bit), then I let the decal soak in water for a few seconds - I was impatient and only waited between five and ten, as opposed to the longer waiting times sometimes recommended, for example, the instructions on the back of the other sheet of decals I received said to wait 20 seconds.

Despite them being quite big, the motifs were easy enough to position, in fact, I find it harder to position smaller motifs, as they're more difficult for me to hold on to. I added the dots with my dotting tool (have had those for years now, how time flies), cleaned up the edges around my nails and finished with top coat after having let the dots dry for a little bit.

The top coat didn't alter the appearance of the decals and any superfluous bits of decal dissolved easily with nail polish remover and my nail polish corrector pen (yes, I use those to clean up my nails, not a brush - I can't seem to make that work for me).

If you'd like to save 10% the next time you buy something from BPS, why not use my code PWBQ10? You can always find it in the sidebar of this blog. I don't make anything off of it, by the way, just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

essence "Aquatix" - Mermaid's Secret (Lacke in Farbe ...und bunt!)

Hey everyone,

After the sort of long silence throughout May so far, it probably seems strange to get three posts in a row from me. Well, it is what it is. Lena asked for magenta for this week, and I did find something in the never-ending vault that fits the bill - in my opinion, anyway. I already showed another polish from the same LE for Blue Friday.

Since this is mostly glitter and sparkle in a tinted base, I'm inclined to say this will need about three coats. As usual, I put top coat on as well. You might be able to see that it's not completely even and opaque; it does glitter quite a bit, though, so I usually don't mind much with polishes like this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rival de Loop "Professional Nail Collection Summer Edition" - Blue Bells (Blue Friday)

Hi everyone,

Trying to get back into the swing of things, I bring you some actual current stuff! Can you believe it? Yeah, me neither.

Because I slacked on recording what this took to get opaque, I have to say I think I used three coats. And top coat, as (nearly) always. I would say this has a drop of purple in it, it doesn't seem like a pure light blue to me.